CRNA's with multiple sclerosis

  1. My good friend and I have been working on our applications to CRNA schools. Just recently my friend has developed symptoms consistent with multiple sclerosis, although it has not been officially diagnosed. My question is, does anyone know of anyone who works as a CRNA that has MS? Or has gone through school with ms? Is it possible to do? I know that MS can be exxacerbated by stress and obviously anesthesia can present a high degree of I am just wondering if he should even pursue this anymore.What a nasty disease. Please let me know your thoughts. thanks.
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  3. by   Daughtermom
    I have had multiple sclerosis for six years. I have a relatively mild case but I still struggle with fatigue. I just graduated from nursing school and will be starting my first job on Monday. I have 2 young children and managed to make it through school, Studying for NCLEX, and job hunting with no exacerbations. You just need to take extra good care of yourself and your body will usually let you know when to slow down. If I become very tired, a short rest will usually do the trick and I can go, go, go again. If your friend is diagnosed, there are some excellent medications available now that can slow down disease progression. Good luck.