1. Hi! I was wondering if there are any CRNAs out there that would not mind someone shadowing them. I am an RN BSN and am considering this as a career. Please PM me. Thanks so much. I am from NJ.
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  3. by   TraumaNurse
    Where in NJ?
  4. by   witty24
    NYC area. Anybody??? Please....
  5. by   witty24
    almost 200 reads and nobody??
  6. by   SproutRN
    Why don't you just contact a couple of the hospital's anesthesia departments and ask if you can shadow a CRNA for the day.

  7. by   cathys01
    Quote from witty24
    almost 200 reads and nobody??
    TraumaNurse asked you a question and you didn't respond to it. (it wasn't like you were being completely ignored...)
  8. by   witty24
    Thanks for the advice everyone. I actually did try to pm traumaNurse and her box was full. I would rather not post the exact location, but I did say NYC area.