CRNA scope of practice restrictions

  1. hello all, i searched the net for some clarifications, but i have found none so far. a colleaugue of mine has "active" HEP B (no symptoms; according to her, she has had this for a couple of years that she knows of), and she was thinking about nurse anesthesia school. she is currently working in SICU, and occupational health has told her that there is only one restriction for her and that is debriding, which we don't do anyway (our docs do that here).

    i have mentioned to her that there shouldn't be any restrictions when/if she becomes a CRNA. i regret mentioning that now, because im not so sure anymore. can anyone give me any info on this matter? thx in advance for your time.
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  3. by   foraneman
    You are correct.
  4. by   DeDeRN1
    You are correct. There is information listed on on the AANA website