CRNA School Interview

  1. Hello all, I have an interview (more like 3-4 the same day) for CRNA school and was wondering if anyone had some tips or advice for the interview. I have a 3.8 last 60, a 3.5 math and science and a 3.65 overall GPA. I scored a 418 which is a 55 on the MAT (I took the quick, easier and cheaper way by taking the MAT since they accept it, does that look bad)? Anyway thanks for any help. The school is UAB.
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  3. by   asianrn
    to what school?
  4. by   endorphinrush
    Congrats on the interview. Shake hands with the competition I have an interview there as well. Took the MAT also. I don't know about you but I am nervous as a cat. Good luck my friend.
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    now got my name fixed....had a typo in it
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