1. i'm an SRNA that's really distressed bout whether to continue my schooling in nurse anesthesia or pursue medicine to become an anesthesiologist. i have but one year left in the program...but as i go further along in the program, i kinda get that feeling as to I want to be the one making the final say on what anesthetics i want to use for the patient etc... i'm sure it depends on where you go after you graduate and start working. are there any CRNAs that can give me some advice? i've heard, through rumors, there are accelerated programs from CRNA to MDA track such as skipping residency or only two years of medical school. have any of you heard of anything like that? it's interesting that a couple of CRNAs have told me of some anesthesiologists that were CRNAs beforehand. they wouldn't actually specify the reason why they did become anesthesiologists. guess they didn't want to offend anyone. can anyone shed some light on this??

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