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  1. I took boards today. First I felt good about it and now I feel sick as I remember more questions that I was unsure about. The test shut off at 90 questions. Does anyone know if the shut off at 90 has any indication on whether you passed or not? How long has it been taking to get the results?
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  3. by   snowboarderRN
    Took mine today too, shut off at 90. As I walked out I thought wow that was fast for all that studying and preparation. I also started to think about my responses to a few questions I think I missed. I guess at 90 questions we either smoked it or bombed... The wait has been about 2 weeks lately from what I've heard.
  4. by   DIVER CRNA
    Hey Guys and Gals,

    The failure rate if you shut off at 90 is approx 11-12%. So it is true that you did really good or (I hope not) really bad? Good Luck--Jeff