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  1. How hard is it to find a CRNA job in or around Chicago?
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  3. by   chicagocrna
    How hard it is to find a job in Chicago is based on your network and willingness to make a few phone calls. There are many, many CRNA jobs in Chicago everywhere from large university based practices to office settings.

    Universities: U of Chicago, Northwestern, Rush, Loyola (famously difficult for CRNAs). I think UIC hired its first CRNA not too long ago. There are nearly 100 hospitals in the Chicagoland area.

    Additionally, 3 or four locums agencies specializing in Chicago exist. Doing locums is a great way to survey the areas jobs, although you will likely be subject to a buyout clause if you decide to take a job with one of the practice settings covered by the locums agency. I would recommend talking to Windy City Anesthesia--very nice, in business a long time, and they know everyone in the area.

    Good luck!