book: nurse anesthesia secrets

  1. Hi,

    I'm getting ready to order books for this coming semester and someone told me Nurse Anesthesia Secrets by Karlet was a good reference to have handy and helpful when studying for boards. Has anyone here used it?

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  3. by   Hold'emRN
    I heard it was a great book. I have Anesthesia Secrets by Dr. James Duke. It is a good book also. A friend of mine that is about to graduate recommended it to me to use during school.
  4. by   MelissaRN.FutureCRNA
    I love Duke's Anesthesia Secrets! I read this book the summer before beginning my anesthesia program for fun -- it's actually that good!
  5. by   dfk
    i believe you'll find Duke's Anesthesia secrets a favorite among the two.. it actually is quite a good book and relatively easy to read.. CA4s saw that i had it and went ahead and bought it.. maybe i'm doing something right !!
  6. by   Howie149
    If you like the question=answer type reading then you will like Anesthesia Secrets.

    I tried it and couldnt do it....bored me. But thats just me....