Any help would be appreciated

  1. I am just wondering how or more so who should I get in contact with to shadow a CRNA. I live in southeastern Wisconsin and I know that CRNAs are not used at the hospital I where I work. Any Wisconsin CRNAs out there who can hook me up would be greatly appreciated (or anyone who can help give me a little direction)

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  3. by   Belle12
    I'd give you some contacts, but I live in CA...Your best bet is to call a local CRNA program director/admin, and ask if they can give you the number of someone whom you may shadow. Many CRNA programs actually require a clinical shadow; and will offer assistance in finding you a CRNA to shadow. (Usually a graduate of their program). Good Luck!!
  4. by   APNgonnabe
    I am not sure where you live but Rockford Anesthesiologists Associated supply CRNA's for a fairly large area I believe. Their web site is Rockford Anesthesiologists Associated, LLC Hope this is helpful