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  1. okay, its been 2 weeks now.... i understand they close the ccna office over the holidays.... sooo bummed out! Tied between "wow, i am done and now can enjoy life!" and feeling as though i should be studying!
    even though i said many a prayers... i still do not know if getting 90 questions should make me feel good or not.
    Honestly, I do not remember anything about that day! It was all a blur from the moment i woke up, going thru the testing process, taking a shower(did i even do that???lol), going to bed. I do not recall ANY details of that day what so ever! Thank GOD that I at least got home safe that day. Thats all I can say!
    The one piece of advice I have for those preparing is to have some plans for that day. Something to occupy you after the exam.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Best of luck to you, can only imagine how stressful that it is for you.

    Please keep us posted.............
  4. by   diwn
    Good luck. I am sending positive vibes your way!!!
  5. by   sawingzzzz's
    i passed!!! just got the news!!!
  6. by   shang36
    Quote from sawingzzzz's
    i passed!!! just got the news!!!