An ICU brother/sisterhood

  1. Ok, I understand the need for critical care experience and fully support this requirement, but why only ICU? It appears many schools are starting to understand that nurses can get invasive monitoring familiarity, vasoactive drug experience and certainly hands-on ventilator operations as an ER nurse (yes, thats my bag). Critical Care is my profession and it just so happens that I get that experience in the ER vs the ICU. The experience needed to become a CRNA can come from critical care sources other than the ICU--this info comes from CRNAs themselves (many of them). So let's call it like it is--the experience required is Critical Care and you can get that experience from the ER and the ICU--Capish?
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  3. by   sevoman
    I have worked in both the ICU and the ER. The experience with PA catheters along with vasoactive drugs is normally found in the ICU only. If you want to get into school cover all the stones.. Get a job in a ICU in a teaching hospital and you'll get into school 9/10 times.
    Good luck