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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have been granted an interview for the CRNA program at a school near by. The problem is, I had an interview at an another school but was denied acceptance. If this present school asks if I had interviewed at other schools and have I gotten in, then how should I respond ?
    I have gotten so many different answers from colleagues, that I continue to be confused!
    I really appreciate all answers.
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  3. by   MethaneMan
    I would say that I have applied and interviewed at other schools, but have not heard from all of them. I would also say that I am preparing applications for schools with January start dates in the event it becomes necessary to apply to more schools. I think this will show the board you are serious about becoming a crna and are determined to make it happen.

    I give you this advice because I had a similar scenario presented to me in my interview. This is pretty much how I answered and the board responded positively to my answer.
  4. by   diwn
    Thanks MethaneMan for your reply. It is greatly appreciated!!