1 Down; 15 more to go.

  1. Today marks my 1 month anniversary of clinicals, and I feel now more than ever I chose the right job. The elders on this board were not lying when they said the learning curve goes straight up, but its a great ride.
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  3. by   sandman1914
    Congrats man. Keep up the strong work. I just can't wait to finish didactic and start clinical.
  4. by   Outdoor1
    I am in the same shoes you are SIGMA and loving life. I am worn out mentally and physically, but i still am totally loving what i do every day! Go Us. To all you guys still in didactic just be strong and keep going. It's worth all the hard work.
  5. by   JessP
    Man I feel the same way...... Love doing anesthesia. Wish I were done with didactic though..... ours is mixed. I am 9 mos into it (5 mos into clinicals).

    Hang on!!