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  1. Hi All-
    I have been reading the "experience to enter midwifery school" thread with great interest. I am an RN who worked for 7 mos in post-partum/recovery before moving to a NICU. I know for certain that I want to be a CNM, but felt that the NICU experience would be very valuable. I've been at the NICU for 3 months..
    I am very interested in anyone's opinion of the following issues-
    - when would you all recommend that I apply for/start CNM school. I am looking into distance learning programs if that matters. i
    -in your opinion, would it be better to work in L&D before applying? I've seen many, many births and have recovered moms and babies immediately after birth, so I know what it all entails. I guess what my concern boils down to is this: what is more important- staying at my current NICU job for longer to gain the optimal experience or switching to L&D before I apply/go to school to be a CNM. Thanks for any insight you can give. I know there are many knowledgable people on this board and am thankful for any advice.
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