Question for Midwives!!

  1. Do midwives go to hospitals?

    Like- I would prefer to have a midwife, I would also prefer to have a epidural therefore I would need to be in a hospital setting (right?). Are midwives okay with these situations?

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  3. by   tucsonash
    Yes, many hospitals work with midwifery groups that have privileges at their facility. This would allow you to have an epidural and deliver in a hospital but have a midwife for your practitioner. It depends on where you are in the country. I'm from a less-than-midwife-friendly (but large) city and to my knowledge there are only two hospitals here that give midwives privileges. Hope this helps!
  4. by   tablefor9
    Yes, CNMs go to hospitals, and yes, most are fine with epidurals if that's what the patient wants.

    CNMs are found on every part of what I call the crunchygranola-earthybirthy continuum. Interview your providers, read alot, take childbirth classes, keep an open mind, and don't make assumptions.

    Happy birthing!