Looking to Shadow a midwife (Please)

  1. Hello,
    I am currently in Nursing school and will be graduating this June as an RN. I have thought about becoming an Midwife since I've been in Highschool. I know most schools require you to work a year as a nurse before you can apply to their program. I live in Bucks County Pa and want to know if there are any midwife's that would be willing to let me shadow them. I would appreciate any help you could offer me.
    Thank You,
    Gwen McNulty
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  3. by   Selke
    Do any of the OB faculty at your nursing school know any midwives?

    Look at the ACNM website (www.acnm.org). I looked under "find a midwife" with Bucks County PA zip code but got no hits ... So I looked under "about ACNM" and "chapters" under Pennsylvania and found contacts:

    Look under "Career Center" -- "Prospective Students" and "Midwifery Education".

    If you are persistent you should find somebody who could help you out. I'd suggest you find a place to get training as a doula if you are interested in becoming a midwife. Perhaps you could work with a few of your local midwives or at the hospital providing doula services. These skills will help you become an excellent L&D nurse, and midwives use these skills in labor management. Good luck!