Georgetown Midwifery Program

  1. Anyone waiting to hear about their acceptance? Does anyone have any feedback on rejection? Super nervous waiting here. Thanks in advance
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  3. by   nja06
    I haven't heard anything yet! Impatiently waiting! Let me know if you do and good luck!
  4. by   nja06
    I got my acceptance a few days ago. DId you hear??
  5. by   nanare
    Quote from nja06
    I got my acceptance a few days ago. DId you hear??
    Congratulations on your acceptance! So I am starting my ASN program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this coming Spring '18, just got accepted to the nursing program last month and can't wait to start! I am highly considering CMN, but I am a bit confused about the process. I am about to be 32 years old and the last thing I want is waste any more time by making mistakes. Since you got accepted, would you mind giving me some guidance and letting me know what worked for you to get accepted into the midwifery program. Thanks! Once again Congratualtions hope to be in your place in the foreseeable future.