Dream of being a Midwife!

  1. Hello! I am fairly new to this site but figured i would give it a try. I am 19 and a newly licensed LPN. I went throught a career and tech school my junior and senior year in highschool to become an LPN. I havn't started working yet because currently i am in a local university taking 20 hours of pre reqs for the LPN-BSN bridge program. I live in Ohio and my biggest desire is to deliver babies! I am obsessed with the birthing process and wondered what is the best way to go about becoming a CNM? Is the pay decent? Is the job market any good? Is it easier to try to get onto a L&D floor and work as an RN? Or should i go and try to be a nurse practitioner in family health? Somone told me you can deliver babies that way also? Im in desperate need of your wisdom :-) Any opinions would be great!
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