Doctorate Degree Needed?

  1. Hey all,
    Just have a quick question. Have any of you wonderful midwives or wanna be midwives heard anything about APN's (including midwives) will soon need a doctorate degree and MSN's will not be recognized as an APN?

    All info appreciated!

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  3. by   elkpark
    This is a proposal by a few of the academic nursing organizations. Nothing is definite or official yet. Even if it were to become mandatory (which is a long way from happening), existing advanced practice nurses would be grandfathered in and would continue in their present roles with their present credentials -- you just won't be able to become a (new) APN through an MSN program any more (all the advanced practice programs would be DNP programs).

    There are a lot of other threads here about this, if you're interested in what's already been discussed.