CNMs and salary in CA

  1. I am new to CA, I just moved here from TX. Although my salary has doubled as an RN here, I have been told by several CNMs that RNs make more than they do. TX had such a strong CNM population, lots of birth centers and great salaries. I have to admit that I am really disappointed in finding this out about CA as I dream of being a CNM. Can anyone enlighten me on the actual dollars and cents of being a CNM in CA? I need to make sure that going to grad school for Midwifery is a financially responsible thing to do as I am a single mom.
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  3. by   danceluver
    don't know the salaries but most cnms are usually found in Kaiser hospitals and affiliated university hospitals. Most of them have years of experience before they are hired there. Most love their jobs, but its an uphill battle in CA for sure.
  4. by   StarrySkies
    I have to admit that I am really surprised. Do you know why there aren't birth centers here? Is there something regulating birth centers at the state level?