Career Planning 4 Nurse Midwife in S. East US

  1. Hi,
    I have been working in Critical Care/ Intensive Care for about 8 yrs. I recieved my Associates degree in '02, with a plan to work towards a Master's with a NP focus. Now I'm working more and more with NP's in the units because of job scarcity for them. Also of concern is the salary for NP's. I'm making more now as a supplemental RN than NP's starting out. How is the salary for Midwives? My plan was to finish NP program, then complete my midwifes cert. How do midwives charge for deliveries? And lastly, which is more helpful at this point, working in L&D or NICU? I've called a few Midwives in my area in hopes of shadowing them to help with my career plan, but so far none have returned my calls.
    Thanks for your insights!
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