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Certifications for getting a job

by wbfranklin wbfranklin (New) New

Hey guys! I graduated in December. I thankfully found a job at a pediatric clinic and have been there for almost three months. I am blessed to have a job right now, I understand that. I am extremely bored and having a hard time getting into this job. I have always wanted (like a lot of nurses) to work in the ER. Is is beneficial to pay out of pocket for a TNCC class or ACLS? The ER can be adults or peds, I am not picky. I just need some advice.

I really don't think most facilities care if you have those certifications at the time of hire. Usually they will assist you in getting the necessary certifications once you are hired. I think some even prefer you to get it through their organization. I wouldn't pay out of pocket to do it. But maybe things are different where you live.