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cerebellar mass


I am a nursing student. This is my first semester and fifth week of clinicals. I have a pt who's main medical diagnosis is cerebellar mass. I can't find anything in my mosby's dictionary. I defined cerebellar and mass. It is not a very good definition. I also do not have any symptoms. Can anyone direct me in finding this information. Thank you for any help you can provide.


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Hello. I would look for information under the broader category of 'brain tumor' or 'brain mass'. You know where in the brain the mass is located (the cerebellar area), so if you can find out what kind of cells make up the mass through the progress notes, or if a biopsy has been done, read the pathology report this should provide you with info as to whether the mass is benign or malignant. You should review what functions the cerebellar area of the brain is responsible for, and assess for symptoms and/or deficits related to these functions. If you can locate a copy of Joanne Hickey's textbook on Neuro Nursing this would be a great resource for you. Hope this helps. Elaine, a Neuro RN in FL

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