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CEP Cumulative GPA

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Hi all!

I applied to CGCC/UIU before the Janurary 31st deadline, however I got the email a few days ago stating I did not make the cut. I'm going to talk to my advisor to see what I need to do to be able to make the May 31st cut. I applied to UIU because of their 2.5 min cumulative GPA requirement because I thought I only had a 2.9 GPA. I was looking at my unofficial transcript today and realized that my 2.9 GPA is with my classes from CGCC, I did my other half at MCC. I left MCC with a 3.71 GPA before I decided to switch majors. That being said, would my cumulative GPA average out to be a 3.34 and not the 2.9? I ask because of the point scale the CEP program thrives off of.

Sorry this is long, but I am thankful for your replies!

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From my understanding, UIU will take the grades from each class that they use for their GPA, regardless of where they come from. UIU has no additional pre-requisites, so your GPA will be taken from the classes required by Maricopa only. These are:

BIO 156/181 or one year of high school biology

First Year Composition (ENG 101 & ENG 102) or (ENG 107 & ENG 108)

Critical Reading (CRE 101) or test exempt

Chemistry (CHM 130, CHM 130LL) or HS Chemistry

College Math (MAT 140 or higher)

Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101) or Human Growth and Development (PSY 240)

Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II (BIO 201; BIO 202)

Microbiology (BIO 205)

Humanities Elective (at least 2 credits)

Did you submit both transcripts? I think it is important to note that if your GPA is over 2.5 then UIU has not turned you down, it is Maricopa that declined. People seem to get hung up on the university accepting them, but it's really all about Maricopa offering you a place.

What I mean by that is that, when you apply you choose your university (in your case UIU). Your application will be reviewed, and as long as you meet the minimum requirements of the University then you are guaranteed a place with them IF - and only if - you get a place offered with Maricopa. So, the reason UIU declined is because Maricopa declined. Does that make sense?

I don't know which classes you took with which college, but if you can get your transcripts you could probably work out your GPA from the classes mentioned above. However, in all honesty (and I mean this with the greatest of respect), the CEP is very competitive now, and you really need a GPA of well over 3.5 with exemplary HESI scores (in the high 90s) to stand a good chance of getting in. That's not cut and dry, of course; there are other factors involved, but the average GPA in my cohort is about 3.8, with quite a few 4.0, and most scoring 95% and over in the HESI.

Is there anything you can do to bump your GPA a bit??

Best of luck!

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