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Centura Hospitals

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I am still a nursing student but I am wondering if anyone can speak about any of the Centura hospitals or all of them in general. I'm interested in knowing what their starting pay is for new grads...how their new grad training programs work...*how easy or difficult it is to get into a training program as a new grad for stuff besides med/surg, such as OR*...how anyone likes working there/how they feel treated etc....

and anything else you feel like sharing. thanks.

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hope3456 is a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC, Psych, M/S.

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Last year, I inquired into their 'new grad' hiring. What they told me, is they have these luncheons (which were held in march and april) where they conduct preliminary interviews. Then, they choose the 'top candidates' and go from there. It could be they have already completed their 'new grad' hiring for the year, which seems to be a problem in the Denver area.

I found out about this by emailing a nursing recruiter - got the address from their website.

I didn't end up applying with them, and that was last year - I cant speak for this year.

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