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Central Florida


Anyone Know Of Good Agencies And Good Hospitals To Work For In Central Fla?


Specializes in CCRN, TNCC SRNA.

I lived there for a while. I am hoping to get back there someday when I have completed my goal. Florida Hospital is a good one (Altamonte or Orlando) ORMC (The main big one) is an excellent level 1 trama center with many different learning opportunites there. There are many others but those two are top notch

Halifax Hospital in Daytona, Central FL Regional Hospital- both very good.


Specializes in CCRN, TNCC SRNA.

Oh yeah! I forgot about those. I just wanted to add Winter Park hospital as well, but Orlando Regional Medical Center is best if you are interested in Level 1 Trauma and it also have a great state of the art burn center. ( ORMC Downtown Orlando)

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