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Census in Detroit Area Hospitals


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Are RN's and CNA's experiencing low census in their hospitals? I'm getting low census every 2 weeks... wondering if it is my facility or is this everywhere?

Thanks so much.


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Depends on the unit. My hospital has been taking many of the complicated H1N1 cases from around the state, which has been displacing pts in certain ICUs to other ICUs with low census. However, we're already seeing the holiday slowdown hit, there was talk of nearly having to mandate staff off this AM during shift report.

Mike in Michigan


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No low census on Labor & Delivery, thank god.


I float to 3 hospital systems and the census seems to be fluctuating at all of them. But effects of the economy is weighing in unfortunately and it is sad that if the economy does't get better nursing won't have such a large shortage as mentioned. It will end up being like it was in the 90's where nurses and graduate nurses could not find jobs.