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Celebrating a happy HESI experience!


I just wanted to come on here and share my joy! At my school we take the HESI for our exit exam and it doesn't count except Pass/Fail for showing up to take it. It is just supposed to give the school an idea of how well they are teaching us in the nursing program, and give us a good idea of how we will do on NCLEX. Well, I got a 1015! I am stunned and shocked and really pleasantly surprised! It gives me a conversion score of 89.16% and and places me in the 94.28th percentile for the nation of all students that have taken the test in the last year. I didn't study for this test at all, except that I do NCLEX questions before every exam I take and I have through my whole program. I guess doing them so much helped build my critical thinking skills and help commit information to long term memory. I am very pleased, and I can't wait to graduate on May 7th!:)

GREAT!! I took the HESI exit a few weeks ago and made an 1132. I was in the 95th percentile. It feels awesome! I graduate on May 15th! I'm doing preceptorship now...