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Cedars Sinai - Cardiavascular ICU vs Cardiothoracic Surgical ICU: Employee Feedback PLEASE

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Dear fellow RN's, I was recently invited to interview for the Cardiothoracic Surgical ICU and Cardiovascular ICU positions at Cedar's Sinai.

1) Can any employees provide insight into the types of patient's seen in each unit? Pre-Op/Post-op, valve repair, heart transplant, CABG, intubated/sedated patient's vs walkie talkies, etc.

2) And how often do each of two units utilize/see these - ECMO, CRRT, Impella, VAD'S, A-Lines, Swan Ganz, Chest Tubes, etc.

3) What is the training like for (1 year) experienced nurses? I.e. floor time, classroom time, quality of the training, opportunity to train on advanced skills.

All feedback is much appreciated.