Time to Wedge

  1. We used to have a standard of care that said maximum time we could occlude the pulmonary artery for wedge pressure was 6 seconds.Now, with new monitors and Swann equiptment, were told it could take up to 60 seconds ! Does anyone have any references on this ? Thanx,a newbie
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  3. by   justanurse
    We got new HP monitors a couple of years ago. It does seem that it takes the monitor itself longer to get set-up for the procedure. But you still don't have to wedge that long. The HP monitors tell you when to inflate and when to deflate, it seems longer than 6 seconds but it's no where near 60 seconds. HTH.
  4. by   ccnurse
    We also have the new HP monitors, which I love... and no, you shouldn't have to wedge for 60 seconds.
  5. by   Stormy
    Our standard has always been a maximum of 15 seconds or 2 respiratory cycles. We also have HP monitors. It does seem to take a long time....longer than it took without a machine telling you when it was time to deflate. We have timed it a few times, and it does only take 15 seconds or so.