Recovering fresh hearts

  1. Is everyone trained on recovering fresh hearts (CABG etc) on your floor? On my CVICU floor, only about 1/5 of the nurses are trained on it and it can be an issue when there are multiple hearts coming out and only a couple people trained to take them.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    My facility requires a year of experience in the ICU before progressing to fresh open heart patients.
  4. by   offlabel
    Here's a tip to anyone training to take a "fresh heart". If you see that they're on any combination of inopressor, please don't make sitting them asap up a priority.
  5. by   mikasa
    No, not everyone on my unit is trained. Some people are offered training and refuse for whatever reason. Or some are not offered training. It makes it difficult when everyone is not trained. Sometimes the charge nurse ends up taking an assignment. It seems like on my unit, they like to train about 5 RNs every few months or so.
  6. by   23AtTheTeeth
    I guess you can call me biased because my unit is a 26 bed unit dedicated to only open hearts and ECMO XD. Lol!

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