Pulling drains after CABG

  1. Our CSICU nurses have concerns about blake drains/JP suction after CABG. They do not pull them. They find that Patients are frequently in pain at the drain site after drainage has stopped and they have to sedate the patients until surgeons arrive in the morning and pull them. Do any nurses out theree pull these drains?
  2. Poll: Do RNs pull thoracic drains after CABG?

    • Yes, RNs pull drains

      25.00% 1
    • No, surgeons pull drains

      25.00% 1
    • No, PAs pull drains

      50.00% 2
    • No, NPs pull drains

      0% 0
    4 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   austin heart
    in our hospital the RN's pull drains
  5. by   nimbex
    your state board of Nsg. can help, but in NC the RN's pull the drain 24-48 hr.s post op. If you can pull and reposition a swan ganz, why not a drain?