Problems with Lovenox

  1. Has anyone out there had any trouble with bleeding and hematomas after pulling a sheath when the patient has been on large doses of Lovenox? I mean more bleeding than you would expect---this person wound up with a large was a 5fr sheath!! The first nurse held pressure for 15 minutes then I held manual pressure for 35 minutes...the external bleeding stopped after the first 20 minutes then the hematoma started...we have all pulled lines and none of us had seen this particular problem. The patient was on 100mg of Lovenox every 12 hrs for the 2 days prior to the cath--it was ordered appropriatly for the patients weight according to "the standards"...the doc mentioned psuedo-aneurysms with Lovenox...any answers...BTW the patient did just fine--in fact we were "fussing over nothing"
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  3. by   CardiacRN
    Haven't noted noted any significant problems in comparison with other blood thinning meds....My question is why is your facility usinf 5Fr sheaths? I wonder if that may be part of the difficulty.....