policies regarding monitor strips

  1. In my CCU I have found many occasions where there are sporadic mounting of the patients q4hr telemetry strips.At times the ones mounted are not interpreted[rsr,afib,paced].In 20 years as a nurse I have never heared of someone getting called in for not mounting the strips.Anyone else notice this or am I still anal retentive after 20 years?Also does it bother anyone when the murmur is so loud you can feel with the palm of your hand and the doctor writes no m/r/g on the chart.?Just wondering.
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  3. by   Esme12
    Where I have worked yes by policy the strips were to be interpreted and posted...those nurse who did not comply were counseled. If they did not change thier practice they were addressed and a progressive discipline education plan was instituted.

    MD's not knowing what they are doing? Yes. I have brought it to their attention but nicely. "Doctor...I see you documented that the patient doesn't have a murmur...can you help me with what I am hearing because I swear I heard a murmur?"

    Drive me nuts too...they are just being lazy..IMHO