Passed my CCRN Exam

  1. I am now nearing about 1.5 year mark as an icu nurse. I work in a mixed icu that essentially is a nuero/cardiac/micu/sicu icu in a large city that gets a lot of level 1 traumas.

    It has long since been my goal to accumulate enough bedside experience and knowledge to one day go to crna school. With that said I knew that getting my CCRN was paramount just as. I accomplished this goal roughly 2 weeks ago!

    I now plan on taking my CSC within a few weeks. I am trying to boost up my resume and I feel wonderful! This site has been so informative. Grad school interviews here I come.

    Deemer RN, BSN, CCRN-CMC
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    C'mon are people really putting their PALS and ACLS certifications (many of which are required for many nursing jobs) in their names nowadays?

    Congrats nonetheless.
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