One Stop Open Heart Recovery Unit

  1. Any other "one stop" open heart units out there? I am currently managing a very small open heart recovery unit in a community hospital. In this particular unit the patient stays in the unit until discharge to home or rehab unit. My background is in a unit that recovered the patient and when the patient was hemodynamically stable and the pacath d/c'd the patient went to a step-down unit with a 1:3 nurse patient ratio.
    I'm feeling very challenged trying to staff this unit. The patients are "step down" but the staff feel they need to remain in a 1:2 nurse/pt ration.
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  3. by   Pghfoxfan1
    When patients are stable and are considered "step down", they become 3:1. That said, with the post op day 1 bowel regime, and removing the foley on post op day, the nurse can be busy with taking the patient to the bathroom. But again, if the stable is hemodynamically stable, they should be considered "step down". Heck, we are sending patients home post op day 4.