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  1. I just finished nursing school!!!! and I am still waiting for my date to sit for the NCLEX, but I just went for my 2nd of 3 interviews at a large Magnet hospital. I was originally told that I would be interviewing with the floor mgr for a cardiac step-down unit, but once I got there for the 2nd interview, I actually met with the unit mgr for the cardiac transplant ICU. I am shocked, because I never considered this an option, terrified because this is a huge responsibility, and flattered because they all feel that I have what they are looking for to survive and thrive in this area. I have so much to think about, but I need some feedback from others with experience. I will be getting a 20 week orientation, with the understanding that it takes at least a year before I will feel comfortable with my position, and so many weeks of additional schooling and certifications that it is unbelievable! I am dedicated to learning about everything that crosses my path, I am told that I am excellent at thinking on the run, and I graduated top of my class. Just need to convince myself that they are not trying to sell me on the job, but actually believe that this job is perfect for me

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