Monitoring patient on NTG infusion

  1. I'm wondering what your protocols are in regards to monitoring
    a stable patient who's on a NTG gtt (started for unstable angina) that is no longer being titrated (pt is painfree)-how often should vital signs be done?
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  3. by   askater11
    I work step-down...but get pulled to CICU a lot.

    CICU EVERY patient q 1 hour.

    on our step-down a stable patient on Nitroglycerin IV....our protocol is every two hours
  4. by   tlmagraw2
    our ccu policy is Q hour vitals when a patient is on tridil or any other iv drip that can be titrated to effect. it doesn't matter if they are pain free, this assures continued assessment that it doesn't need to be titrated upwards. teri