inr lab values

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a chart or an article on inr values. IE: the different levels md/s like to see with different types of reasons for taking. Like stents, s/p cva/mi ect...Thanks
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  3. by   porter
    This is to answer your question about therapeutic INR's. Supplement to Chest, January, 2001 is the "bible" for anticoagulation - concensus statement on multiple topics. DuPont (manufacturer of Coumadin) is also a wonderful reference and can be reached through the internet. Dupont provides educational materials free of charge generally and produces a trifold "Guidelines for the initiation, monitoring and clinical use of antithrombotic therapy in venous and arterial disease" - fantastic reference pocket card. Basically post MI and mechanical valve are target INR of 3 (2.5-3.5) and everything else target INR of 2.5 (2.0-3.0). Bernie
  4. by   jenadox

    Have you called your hospital's lab? Our lab keeps the current values accepted by the docs and what each range is therapeutic for. I don't know if this standard practice but it sure is helpful. It seems that the docs I work with like to *tweak* the accepted values alot, so it is hard to keep up