Impediance Cardiography

  1. Anyone use Impediance Cardiography to determine Cardiac Output? I worked as a tech on a telly unit of a hospital that is big on hearts a few years back and they had just purchased one of the machines and showed us how to use it when I left to go to the world of trauma at a different hospital. I was just wondering if they've caught on?
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  3. by   Celia M
    We have the Bio Z and use once in awhile. There again we only do 1-3 swans a year too . The company that makes Bio Z is out in great force touting them for CO measurement since a recent research article ( published in the American Journal of Critical Care Nov 2004) said that Impedance Cardiography was as effective as a Swan in determining CO in patients w ith "complex decompensated heart failure "
  4. by   CarpeDiem2004
    We're trialing a Bio Z machine on our unit right now. They're convenient but I wonder how much you can trust the numbers that you get. When we have a patient with a Swan we run numbers with both to compare. Sometimes they're close and sometimes not.