1. We have IABP & CVVHD machines in use quite often in our unit. Does anybody else use these frequently?
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  3. by   Shari
    Hi Michelle! We use IABP alot but do not use CVVHD.
  4. by   Korzenko
    We have at least two to three patients in our 12 bed Coronary ICU at any one time on IABP & CVVHD. Many of these patients are ventilated as well. We are a large teaching hospital in Toronto, Canada (The Toronto Hospital). Our unit has many cardiomyopathy patients waiting for transplantation as well as patients in cardiogenic shock due to infarct &/or waiting for acute VSD repair.
  5. by   LRichardson
    We use IABP on occassion.. and those occassions are increasing as our institution increases its recruitment of cardiologists.. our sister institution across town uses IABP and CVVHD daily.. 1-4 patients normally.. I float over there on occassion and enjoy working with the higher acuity population.
  6. by   Rudi Vrancken
    We regularly have patients with IABP and/or Hemopump. Most of the time they are treated this way because of cardiogenic shock post AMI, VSD etc.(as usual) and as a bridge to transplantation or CABG. Also we try to stabilize some patients with the treatment before PTCA and/or stenting.