how to assess critical I & O

  1. I am a new ICU nurse in orientation and have found how imp it is to do hourly I & O. How is your method to document I & Os in hospitals. looking for some good recording tips.
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    Paper napkins. Anything to just record it so you can get it into the computer later. Sometimes you'll have a big stack of napkins at the end of the shift that need to be entered. Write down the time and whatever numbers you need to know. Really!
  4. by   Zookeeper3
    We have computers in every room and I chart hourly info when I am in the room. I have a habit of loosing those papers or forgetting, or mixing up totals for multiple drains if left to memory.
  5. by   MikeRNWI
    I 2nd the napkins or paper towels. I often have a stack of them when my patient is on CVVH, because I always try to have a nice little grid on my cheat sheet, but I forget to bring that into the room and have to write it down on whatever I can find!

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