freaking ...just accepted a positon for ccu !!!

  1. hi! i am really excited to be starting on a cardiac step down unit! i have some time till i begin and just wanted to reach out to other ccu nurses for adv! Should i be studing? i have been out of school for sometime and would love suggestion on what i would be looking at on my unit? should i study ekg? meds? any suggestion adv?
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  3. by   LuvofNursing
    The person who posted this is a gem!!

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  4. by   chloetwist
    As with most specialties, you will be learning for years to come. Get a good report physician notes... learn the medications associated with your unit... if your facility has doctors who like to teach...develop a good report with them...I get so much information from our cardiologists....hang in there...I love this will see it all.