dream interview in a CCU, what to expect?

  1. Hi all!

    So I am wondering what to expect in my interview, I currently have 8 mo of experience at a level 1 trauma ED. The biggest cardiac thing I have done is start a cardizem titratable drip which I mentioned in my cover letter so I know they could ask about that. I've had pts in SVT, idioventricular rhythms, unstable rapid afibs but I still feel like none of it is sufficient compared to a CCU. I know I can answer many questions w that experience but I am nervous about technical questions specifically pharm question. I don't have experience w many CC things, even the cardizem patient I just started the drip and transferred them.

    This is my dream position in my dream specialty, how should I prep and what questions can I expect? I am so excited to learn and "master" this! but gotta get the job first...
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  3. by   Wolf at the Door
    better know your lethal rhythms. chest pain management. st elevation management. what orders to expect for afib rvr. Rapid sequence intubation. cardioversion remember to place defib in synch.