Debakey LVAD

  1. Just wondering if many hospitals are using these new experimental LVAD's. We have always had heartmates and just had our first Debakey LVAD. The Debakey requires anti-coagualtion and unfortunately many other complications. Any success these at your facilities?
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  3. by   CVRNof4
    I have seen only two in our facility with only bad outcomes. Neither pt. survived. We use heartmates, thoratecs, novacor, cardiowest and levotronix (plus others). I firmly believe that all VADs have there faults. Maybe if the surgeons select the pt's better there would be better outcomes.
  4. by   sawbones
    We implanted two in the last 8 monthes. Catastrophic failure of both pumps=dead pts. Don't like them, dont want them, dont need them. Use a Heartmate II no worries as long as the pt is compliant.