Critical Care Nursing

  1. I am a nursing student attending University of Maryland. I have an assignment that involves:

    .communicating with a practicing ICU nurse
    via the internet
    .From another state or country
    .Find out the persons role
    .Determine important trends in their area or

    Any help would be appreciated. I am doing this not just for a grade but for personal
    enrichment. I want to be a good nurse.

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  3. by   Nursedel
    Good luck with the assignment. Feel free to email me if you like.
  4. by   katz rn
    Yes, good luck. It truly is a great profession. I work in a small icu, but have done critical care/er for the last 9 years. Fell free to email me anytime.
  5. by   KatMcRN
    hey, good luck! I'm a fairly new nurse (2yrs) and started in critical care right out of school. I love it! e-mail me anytime with questions.
  6. by   Trauma
    Just another nurse to offer help if you need it . E-mail me at I work in cardiovascular thoracic surgical intensive care unit.
  7. by   EMPATH
    Hi another ICU nurse here have worked in a 16 be CCA (critical care area) unit for 19 years and still find it exciting and rewarding. E-mail

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