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  1. Our unit is thinking about changing it's name to the Coronary Intensive Care Unit. I recently posted a topic here about respect from other ICUs and Physicians. We all agreed that changing our name to reflect that we are an intensive care unit will help tremendously. We have the support of the VP of Nursing and now we are at the voting level. Any comments?

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  3. by   felltoddman
    You didn't say what your unit's name is now. At our hospital, we're preparing to build a new unit and there were many discussions and debates about what to call it. I understand they finally settled on "Specialty Care Unit". I guess that's a fair compromise. I preferred Critical Care because, in my opinion, Intensive Care implies that anyone who needs a lot of care could be admitted, even if it wasn't a patient who needed the type of care that we give in that setting. Just my opinion.