CCRN exam

  1. Does anyone else think the new so-called Synergy Model is a crock?
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  3. by   KR
    Just wondering what the Synergy model is? Thank you! Kimberly Rush, GN
  4. by   morpheus2000
    I don't think the Synergy Model is a crock. I think that it adds the holostic aspect to the CCRN exam. Instead of just concrete material, the exam now offers a little of abstract psychology to the exam which will probe you to think a little deeper than before.
  5. by   dvsrn1
    I tend to agree that the new synergy model is primarily an exercise in verbage.
  6. by   jenadox
    I am studying for my CCRN now and have been reading up on this Synergy stuff. Although I wouldn't necessarily call it a crock, I do wish that it wasn't included on the exam I mean, how do you study for this part of the test

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