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  1. I am a new grad and I just passed NCLEX this week. I start a new job in an ASHU, which is a cardiac/ open-heart ICU floor. Although I will be getting a lot of additional training, they told me to research a good cardiac textbook to help me understand more indepth concepts and for self-study on my own time. Any help please? I want something that is up-to-date and aimed at nursing care for these patients.

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  3. by   ghillbert
    My favourites are: "Cardiothoracic nursing", by Betsy Finkelmeier and "Cardiac surgery" by Robert Bojar.
  4. by   angelique777
    Go to the American Critical Care association web site and they have a list of all recommended cardiac material. In addition since CCU nurses certify in CCRN you may look at the material for the review for that exam which would cover all material and topics that should know for working on your unit.

    Hope that helps Angela
  5. by   sweetsmiles10363
    a great general ICU text is the ICU Book by Paul L Marino, MD.