Big Change!

  1. I have accepted a new position in an adult cardiothoracic ICU and will be leaving my position in the NICU (and PICU, and peds CVICU) soon. What can I brush up on in the month or so before I transfer? My new unit does ECMO, which I have a strong pediatric/neonatal background in, but I'm unfamiliar with VADs, which I will be seeing a lot of. Is there a VAD for dummies website somewhere? Or balloon pumps? I will also be dealing with heart and lung transplants, which is also something I've done in little people but not big people! I haven't been an adult nurse in more than 6 years. Is it bad that I'm mostly worried about having to talk to my patients? I will also finally get to do CVVH/CRRT, any tips?

    I love ICUFAQs for resources, but it's getting a little out of date...

    Help! I'm excited and took this position because I'm ready to be challenged again, but boy will it be a HUGE change!
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